Sat, June 4, Henry and Kendel from Lugoff SC, spent a great day on the water with Capt Jolly, and Kendel caught this nice keeper!


We would like to congratulate Bob, who caught this year’s first 2 flounder off the dock here at Jolly Roger’s. Neither were keepers, but this is a good start!

Here’s Sammy with his second flounder, actually caught this one with a fishing pole!


Sat, May 28, Capt Jolly led a bachelor party group from Hickory, NC, and Jason caught this nice keeper flounder!



Fri, May 27, Andy and son Cole from Murrells Inlet joined Capt Jolly for a flounder frenzy of a day! Caught 10 flounder with these 4 nice keepers! Cole has now taken over the “biggest flounder of the year so far” with his 21-inch, 4-pounder!



Thur, May 26, Ken, Bobby, and Levi from Mount Airy, NC, enjoyed a day on the water with Capt Jolly, catching flounder, bluefish, sea bass! That’s Levi there with the biggest one!


Sun, May 15, Capt Alex took Anthony and Christine from Michigan offshore for the day, and caught a mess of fish – including 25-lb bonita, 20-lb king mackeral, amberjack, and more!



Sun, May 15, Todd, Brenda, and Maddie of Murrells Inlet, along with Uncle Jerry, spent a great family day on the inlet. Maddie has outdone everyone so far this year with the biggest flounder!


Sat, May 14, Bruce, Ed, and Alfie from Pittsburgh joined Captain Alex for an inshore/offshore excursion, and caught flounder and spot-tail bass (without a spot)!



Tues, May 10, Susie and Bill from upstate SC, spent a beautiful day on the water with Capt Jolly, caught a lot of flounder with these 2 nice keepers!


Mon, May 2, Chris, Chris, Brett, and Ed from Chicago joined Capt Jolly for a great day on the inlet!


Sun, May 1, Sharon, Emily, and Greg from Massachusetts spent a delightful day on the water with Capt. Jolly!


Sat, Apr 30, old friends Frank from Virginia and his grandson Caleb from Charleston joined Capt Jolly for a day of fishing! A little windy, but still pulled off some flounder.


Tues, April 26, Colleen, Dan, and Conner from NY spent a gorgeous day on the water with Captain Jolly!




Wed, Apr 20, Keith from New Jersey joined Capt Jolly and he caught some nice keepers!


Mon, Apr 18, Joe and Cynthia from New Jersey had a successful and fun day on the water with Capt Jolly. Joe is a Captain himself up in Jersey, and Cynthia is a seafood manager, so they were right at home on the water!!


Mon, Apr 11, Capt Jolly was joined by old friends Kurt and Lee-Ann from Canada. The fish were a little slow, but a good day was had by all!


Sun, Apr 10, Brothers John from Michigan and Michael from NC had a great flounder pounder of a day!! (And then John got married the next day at Atalaya!! Congratulations!)


Fri, April 8, Will from Surfside Beach joined his nephews Crock and Marty, and his brother Dave from Pennsylvania, for a fun day on the water with Captain Jolly!


Wed, Mar 30, George, Shooter, and Gig had some luck with the flounder!


Tues Mar 22, Scott and Kim from Pennsylvania joined Capt Jolly for a windy, but productive day on the water, with these nice keepers!


Tues, Mar 15, Hank from Pennsylvania and Joe from Surfside Beach caught a mess of flounder with these beautiful keepers!


Tues, Mar 8, JP, Skeeter, and Joe enjoyed a great day on the water, catching flounder, with these 4 nice keepers! These guys went to high school together in NY!



Mon, Feb 1, Regulars Gil and John caught 15 sea bass and 10 smooth-nosed dogfish! Beautiful, if cold, day on the water!